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We are a young, flexible team, always looking for creativity, dedication and quality to become a major player in one of the fastest growing industries in the world. We are company that is relying on our internal projects and proud to have clients that are the top-notch in their industries.By working with us you will achieve significant cost reductions as opposed to application development in Western Europe.

We offer a communication culture that reflects the Western European way of working by working proactively, thinking together with the client and putting ourselves in your position: we do not blindly execute what is asked.

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We attract high volumes of highly skilled, university educated professionals with various experience, who enjoy working for us and for our clients. Therefore our attrition rates are low, and our proposals can be taken at face value: there are no hidden costs. When we do face issues, we first look into an effective resolution and secondly into the contractual terms.

We strongly believe in Agile methodologies such as Scrum and Kanban. These methods promote frequent feedback and overall open communication, which prevents misunderstandings and subsequent mistakes. To enable transparency and agility of communication, we use web-based collaboration tools for daily development activities.

Our preferred delivery model is what we call Team as a Service. This means that we not only provide well balanced cross-functional teams that are the best fit for the assignment, but also take responsibility for quality and timeliness of delivery of software. While we are using an agile setup to deliver the software, we also take responsibility to achieve milestones and reach deadlines together with your Product Owners and other stakeholders. But we are open for some other models depending on clients wishes.

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Every our team member stands out in its personality, its knowledge and its skills. We encourage versatility. But there are four characteristics that are shared by all of us and make us a strong team:

  4. LOYAL

We create what was not created before with our own projects. We develop technology solutions with our customers. Solutions that create impact and a competitive business advantage for our customers. Everyday we ask ourselves the question: how can we create even more impact on the business of our customers with technology services? It’s a question that makes us tick because creating impact is what it is all about.

Our services are not only a collection of technologies and activities. The real difference is made by how we do it: Together.

When complexity, speed and change comes together only a great team can handle the challenge. We love the challenge, especially the technology part of it. But above all we love doing it together. We embrace diversity, adopt agility and conduct discipline. We deliver fast, fit for purpose and as an integral part of our customers operation.

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